PurgeRite Flushing Value

When estimating, planning, and ultimately implementing mechanical projects each step contains some sort of evaluation and then choices are made which ultimately effect the bottom line. Although the flushing portion of a project is fairly small dollar wise, it is critical that it is done correctly and its associated cost still effects the project’s profitability.

The two most common options when the house pumps are incapable of a proper flush or are not allowed to be used for a project are:
– Rent with the “we will do it ourselves approach”
– Engage a third party flush company such as PurgeRite.

What are the definitions in thinking this through?
Optimizing Resources – [verb – denotes action] – Always at the core of the construction business. “I need my resources in production mode on this project or the next one at all possible times.” Be sure to run the numbers. It could be less costly to secure third party flushing then doing it yourself.

Rental Creep – [synonym – costly] – When you think you are going to rent something for one price but after getting the bill it is a lot more! This is often due to fieldguys not worried that a clock is ticking OR no one read the fine print on rental agreements. Most rentals are not flat rate based, but are tied to time usage. This gets missed a lot…. until the bill arrives. True story; we were recently talking to a mechanical super on a project for an oil company. He asked us if the rented hose they had on site was from our company, which it was not. The field guys didn’t even know where the rental was from, but I assure you someone in accounting was cutting checks to a rental company.

Third Party Flushing – [synonym – turn’ key solution] – Traditionally speaking, most mechanicals have provided the flushing portion of projects via rented pumps and equipment. A better, more cost effective, consistent, and more result oriented approach is for the mechanical to use a third party provider, such as PurgeRite. We specialize in flushing, and own our patent pending and Self Contained Flush Units.

Hassle Factor – [noun; annoyance] – At the end of the day the best jobs are collaborative efforts with a team approach. Good specifications are agreed upon with the Engineer, Client, Mechanical Contractor, Chemical Supplier, & Third Party Flush Company. The best implementations are fast, fairly painless, reduce risk, and have outstanding results. We are an advocate for the client and serve our customers to reduce their project headaches.

Shared Risk – [verb; apportion] – If you rent equipment and things go wrong during your flush you are on the hook for all expenses and a fix. No one to work things out with or share the costs. Story from the field; we were on a large project and after completion an electrical service problem occurred that fed the house pumps. We were able to stay connected and circulate with our pumps for a few days until the problem was resolve.

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