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PurgeRite recently had the opportunity to collaborate with top campus and district operators from around the U.S. at IDEA CampusEnergy2016 in Austin, Texas. If you were unable to make it, let me summarize some simple and easy to remember concepts that attendees heard.

The Obvious – New chilled or hot water piping that connects buildings to the utility, must be cleaned and flushed properly to protect your plant investment. We have pictures of disasters and heard from system operators about some horror stories. Don’t overlook this step!
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Engineering Specs are all over the Map! – We review hundreds of specs for flushing. On your next project, take time to look at what this covers and what the flow rates are. It can vary from 3 ft/sec to 10 ft/sec over varying times. More is not always best. If you have questions, reach out to us for free consultation on your specifications.

Third Party Flushing – Traditionally speaking, most mechanicals have provided the flushing portion of projects via rented pumps and equipment. A better, consistent, and more result oriented approach is for the mechanical to use a third party provider, such as PurgeRite. We specialize in flushing, and own our Patent Pending and Self Contained Flush Units.

There is no “I” in TEAM – At the end of the day the best jobs are collaborative efforts with a team approach. Good specifications are agreed upon with the Engineer, Client, Mechanical Contractor, Chemical Supplier, & Third Party Flush Company. The best implementations are fast, painless, reduce risk, and have outstanding results.

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