Medical Flush 301e

Our team landed a project to flush and purge a 4” closed loop hot water pipe with dozens of attached components on a critical surgical floor. The mechanical installation was completed less than 2 years ago, and is located in one of the largest hospitals at the Houston Medical Center. We dispatched a team with our new 302e, VFD electric flush cart and filtration unit. The results speak for themselves.

On our intitial flush, we clogged the filter in under 10 minutes. The clean filter below was the final result on the main loop, and will be even cleaner when we finish the branches. The steel coupons were also flushed out at about 6 – 7 ft/sec. One way to share risk and reduce liability in todays construction enviroment is to use a Third Party Flushing Service and do it RITE the first time!

To better serve our customers, and meet a variety of flushing demands, we have added several new units. Our 302e features portability,VFD control, filtration, calibrated flow meter and portable containment along with reverse manifold and air separation attachments. This is perfect for smaller projects, floor renovations or new installs, difficult to access areas, and temporary circulation needs. We can provide side stream filtration as well to clean up systems that are mission critical and cannot be shut down.

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