Purgerite News Sept 2019

We Flush the Cloud ! New data centers demand large amounts of chilled water. Given the complexity and enormous investment these hydronic cooling systems require, they must be flushed and cleaned correctly. Energy savings and operational efficiency are critical in order to manage the massive amount of data in the cloud. PurgeRite has a very… Continue reading Purgerite News Sept 2019

Purgerite News May 2019

Coffee, Beignets, and IDEA ! The Campus Energy program in February was fantastic, and their biggest conference ever. Nearly 1100 attendees from 14 countries, 350 cities, and 95 universtities made the trip to the Big Easy. Attendees enjoyed top-notch techanical programs and we enjoyed being a part of 119 other companies in a bustling exhibit… Continue reading Purgerite News May 2019

Purgerite News Jan 2019

This year brings new opportunities, and our team is dedicated to providing the best in mechanical flushing services for your project ! We are excited to announce we have launched an updated web site that has increased clarity and new information. Check it out ! Adding to your Campus, Commercial or District Energy Plant soon?… Continue reading Purgerite News Jan 2019