Purgerite News May 2019

Coffee, Beignets, and IDEA ! The Campus Energy program in February was fantastic, and their biggest conference ever. Nearly 1100 attendees from 14 countries, 350 cities, and 95 universtities made the trip to the Big Easy. Attendees enjoyed top-notch techanical programs and we enjoyed being a part of 119 other companies in a bustling exhibit hall.

Thanks to all of those who stopped by our booth to discuss their mechanical piping issues and the need for clean water start-ups.

New Equipment Added to Fleet
We are excited to get two more custom filtration trailers added to our fleet. These are not your standard run of the mill rental fleet filter trailers, but are rather customed designed to allow us to perform flushing services in a safer, more timely, and professional manner, all while reducing risk toward a project. We took our field experience from flushing hundreds of different projects and used these ideas to drive our design. The result is something we are very excited to get in the field. Our team used the first one for a Chilled and Heating Water system flush for the new Sam Houston State University Arts Building in April.

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