PurgeRite News 2015

Houston, TX, 2015: Since September the PurgeRite team had covered over 8500 miles with destinations in WI, CO, MT, OK and TX. Not only can we reach out to any location in the U.S. but check out the diversity of these projects!

• Flush & Purge 28” mains and over 1500 Geothermal Loops for a very large Commercial Central Plant Facility
• Flush and Passivate chemicals for facility at Ft. Sill OK, (return several weeks later on an urgent call when some lines got cut. Flush and purge the entire system again restoring them to service.)
• Flush and Passivate chemicals at a new major medical office building in The Woodlands Texas.
• Flush and Purge a new Army Reserve commercial building in Montana.
• Flush a renovated medical office laboratory building in Houston TX.

Our 601 and 402 units carried the load on these projects and each allows for quiet and monitored flushing operations with adequate volume and velocity to meet and exceed the different project specifications. Also, Estimators, Project Managers and CFO’s take note. All the above projects involved no up charges and one was discounted due to our ability to complete the project with one mobilization versus two.

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