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Throughout the United States, Purge Rite delivers comprehensive services to ensure geothermal systems deliver designed performance, durability and operation. Purge Rite provides peace of mind to Contractors, Mechanical Engineers, and Facility Owners by providing a means of quality assurance and certainty that geothermal systems are prepared for startup. Purge Rite has the capability to perform projects from typical residential to the largest commercial, instilling confidence that your system is clean and air free, saving money and assuring performance.

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Professional Services:
  • → Flushing & Purging Design Consultation
  • → Considerations
  • → Estimation
  • → Quality Assurance

    Project Services:
    Geothermal Exchanger & Facility Hydronic Piping:
  • → System Fill
  • → System Testing
  • → Quality Control Cleaning
  • → Flushing of Contaminants
  • → Purging of Air
  • → Chemical Application
  • → Softener Application
  • → Pressurizing & Sealing

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Watch the Seeing is Believing Video

2 feet per second is not enough. IGSHPA standard velocity slowly moves air, but it is not sufficient for moving solids contained in geothermal exchangers. Contaminants such as typical jobsite debris, soil, rocks, and other construction materials require up to 6 feet per second for removal from the system.

With experience in all sizes of geothermal projects, Purge Rite's flushing and purging services guarantee the economical and hassle-free movement of solids. Seeing is believing.

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