PurgeRite News UTMB Medical

When we were called upon to flush a large 36” chill water pipe for The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston that had been sitting for over a year, we got our team to work.

Through careful planning and project coordination we were able to execute this custom flush in 12 man days from start to finish achieving high flow and volume with filtration.

The field teams were great to work with and PurgeRite was successful in getting best of class results of low water iron content, and a clean, and energy efficient ready pipe for their system.

UTMB Galveston Piping District Plant Upgrade
As part of the ongoing initiative to strengthen UTMB’s infrastructure, the Galveston Texas campus has been working on a major upgrade to their mechanical plant. The upgrades are part of an approved district heating and cooling project, set to improve the campus’ storm resilience.

The upgrade includes elevating the west utility plant mechanical equipment to prevent flooding and a flood wall around the plant. An east utility plant is also being added to the campus for redundancy.

Per campus officials’ “The end goal is to keep the campus operational in the event of a storm.”

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