PurgeRite News Oct 2017

Geothermal HVAC Owner, this October …………… Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
If you design, install, or own an HVAC geothermal system here are some things to think about.

▪ Did you pay good money to have what the EPA lists as the most effiecient system available installed, but are unsure it was flushed and purged correctly?
▪ We review hundreds of engineered geo designs from across the country and just like the locations, the flushing specs are all over the map! From “just flush the system” to up to 10’/sec.
▪ We know the geothermal industry intimately, and most installation firms or drillers are not equipped with the proper flush/purge units or have the experience in best of class flushing/purge procedures.
▪ Facts & Figures After a few years of operations, we were recently called to re-flush and purge two Military base geo installations in the Mid West.
o On the first system, we not only cleaned it, but found a leaking loop with constant make up water being used. Now the customer can have it repaired and save on operational costs.
o On the second one, our team added approximatly 1500 gallons of water to displace the trapped air. Understand, air will incapaciate a loop field from working correctly and cause other critical issues.
▪ If you have a new install or an existing system and need to have it “re-flushed” to insure you are operating at optimal efficiency, consider our third party flushing service and alieviate your FEARS!

Flushing and Purging Geo Experience
Resume Highlights
❖ Largest Public Geo Project in the U.S
❖ Largest Private Geo Project in the U.S.
❖ Flushed ¾” to 2” in loop sizes, 50’ to 2000’ deep loops
❖ Flush experience with standard HDPE loops and Rygan
❖ Exterior & Interior Flushing
❖ Experience developed over the past three decades
❖ Self-Contained Flush Units
❖ Industry leader in flushing & purging services

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