PurgeRite News Dec 2017

FLUSH PLANS for projects…………………
More engineers and clients are requiring a mechanical flush plan for their projects. Here are some thoughts from the field that may help.

▪ What is a flush plan ? A plan should explain HOW the mechanical hydronic piping is going to be cleaned properly to meet the design specifications or the client’s expectations. The plan documents how the volume and velocities through each section of installed pipe will be obtained. What type of equipment that is to be used, placement, and connections along with the procedures should be covered at minimum.

▪ What does a flush plan consist of ? Plan requirements can vary greatly. It can be in the form of a verbal plan, a simple one or two page document describing the approach, a written document along with graphical drawings illustrating the plan, or the most extensive types requiring all the above with a PE to sign off on flow calculations.

▪ Engage in discussions early, versus late in the project process ! Early meetings allow you to talk about what size flush ports are needed, what about bypasses, rough timeline, and who is the chemical supplier that will be on the project. Get the team together soon and go over a high level plan because this will usually save time & $$$.

▪ Many flush plans have to be approved by the Mechancal Engineer of record ? When a formal plan is required, it will have to be submitted, often with the initial submittal package for the engineer to review and approve. The more descriptive the plan, along with the necessary calculations, the better. Provide adequate time for the review process.

▪ Does PurgeRite include flush plans with their flat rate price ? YES ! We have extensive in house experience performing, explaining, and documenting flush plans that get approved from multiple leading engineering firms in the U.S. Often times, we are able to simplify or value engineer the approach. Let us help you plan your next project.

We are Honored to have been included in the new mechanical requirements by one of the largest and fastest growing Independent School Districts in Texas!
After seeing the results from a recent project we flushed for them, and from a desire to have greater energy efficiency, reduced long term maintenance costs, and more consistency on their project commissioning, they modified their specifications to require the following:
“ The hydronic system shall be flushed and purged by a third party company, PurgeRite or equal, hired by the contractor.”
Our team will continue to work hard to educate and demonstrate to the industry the importance of starting and operating chill and hot water systems with clean water. Customer service is priority number one and we thank you for your business.

Before flushing a new GEO installation in Houston, Texas we were told “this system is real clean, we flushed as we were installing it. There shouldn’t be anything in it.”
We have been around GEO for decades and no matter how “clean” you think your install is, remember construction sites are not clean environments and debris invariably gets left behind in the pipe.

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